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Dog diapers for female dogs in heat, incontinent dogs ,handicaped dogs, male dogs marking their territorial dog’s urinary problems, rescue dogs, puppies.

We have been breeding dogs and cats for the past ten years and since we were already making hygienic dog diapers for our dogs and cats, we decided to share them with you. We are a new company, situated in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

DOG DIAPERS AND DOG PANTS FOR THE WELL-BEING OF YOUR DOG OR CAT. These diapers for dog are indispensable for dogs who are marking their territory, incontinent or for use in transportation, to and from appointments or shows.

Perfectly adapted shape for your pet’s well-being: adjustable waistband with a Velcro fastener and leg contours are adjusted with elastic. Adjustable tail opening. These dog diapers for any type of dog are perfect while they are in heat, keeping the inside of your house free from odor and stains!

(Please note that this is not a form of contraception)


The dog diapers are fleece lined and made from 100% washable cotton. The waistband is adjustable with a Velcro fastener and leg contours are made with elastic. (Line with an adhesive sanitary napkin for added protection.) We have a vast variety of colors and sizes ranging from extra small to extra long. We presently have an ample assortment in stock.

To order the right size, measure the circumference of the hips / pelvis and follow the following chart: in cm or inches Select proper size by measuring hip circumference and body length starting from base of tail to the neck.

New Products:

Male Dog Diapers

Male Dog Diapers$21.00 - $37.00

  Washable diapers for dog in heat, incontinent dogs, male dog diapers, handicaped male dogs, dogs marking their territorial, dogs with urinary problems. Please read this note: the male dog diapers are longer than the female dog diapers. Washable Male Dog Diapers   $21.00 to $37.00   XXX Small to XXX Large Product description These malenbsp;… [View Details]

Dog Diapers For Incontinent Dogs

Dog Diapers For Incontinent Dogs

Dog Diapers For Incontinent Dogs

Washable Dog Pee Pee Pads

Washable Dog Pee Pee Pads$15.00

Washable Dog Pee Pee Pads       Washable eco-friendly puppy pee pads Super high quality pads, they are the same pads used in hospitals for incontinence problems. The system is 3 layers in 1,  the surface in cotton, an absorbent felt in the middle and a vinyl barrier ensuring that nothing leaks. Bring peace ofnbsp;… [View Details]

Washable Overall Female Dog Diapers

Washable Overall Female Dog Diapers$32.00 - 58.00

It is very important that you provide us with your pet’s neck measurement and body length from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail. Made-to-measure overalls for your pet We now offer custom made overalls for your pet.  These washable overall female dog diapers are good for incontinent dogs, handicaped dogs,nbsp;… [View Details]

Washable Overall Male Dog Diapers

Washable Overall Male Dog Diapers$32.00 - $58.00

These washable overall male dog diapers are good for incontinent dogs, handicaped dogs, female dog in heat, male dog marking their territorial and a stylish dog clothe. These washable overall male dog diapers are exclusive clothing for pets available on the market today and have been carefully designed and hand made with high quality fabrics, innbsp;… [View Details]

Female Dog Diapers

Female Dog Diapers$20.00 - $36.00

These  female dog diapers with high quality waterproof and washable machines were designed with the ultimate goal of providing comfort and flexibility when worn by our beloved doggies.   Female Dog Diapers – $20.00 to $36.00 These female dog diapers are handmade with a great concern for detail, meticulous and precision with a remarkable execution.nbsp;… [View Details]