Diapers For Female Dogs in heat

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Doggie Diaper For Female Dogs Crochet Pattern

The Doggie Diaper is for female dogs in heat, or with potty or gland issues. It has 3 sizes in the pattern. The Free Crochet Pattern is on my Blag at this LINK: ...

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers Review

Doggy diapers can be extremely useful during certain stages of your pet's life. Whether your puppy is not yet house trained or your senior companion has started ...


  1. Ken

    I have a 62 pound Black Lab so these should have fit just fine, but they are not even close. They are probably about 1/2 to 2/3 the size in the picture, so small, they fall right off of the dog and she’s way smaller than the dog on the package. By the time she walks across the room, it’s on the floor. It doesn’t reach even half way up the back like the photo on the package, barely above the base of the tail, down to the front of the legs and the ends don’t reach to where they are supposed to tape together. If you see in the package photo, the part where the black letters are on the dog’s back is located way up the back, well, mine has the hole for the tail about 1 inch behind that piece, so you can envision where the front edge of the diaper is when the hole for the tail is in the correct spot. They are so small, they don’t even fit my smaller 50 pound dog. Very disappointed and now I have to clean the carpet every day until I find some that fit. That’s as high up as they go in my photos, if you pull up any more, it pulls on the front of the legs and rips apart.

  2. MNS

    My dog needs a diuretic and these are my go to diapers. I’ve tried virtually EVERYTHING to keep her diapers on. I have finally found a solution and thought that I would share. I use a sheet strap! One end attached to her harness and the other is attached to the diaper. TaDa! The diaper stays on!

  3. T. Robertson

    My elderly dog is incontinent and these diapers allow her to roam the apartment freely without damaging the rugs and wood floor. They have truly improved our quality of life. The fur friendly fasteners don’t get caught in her fur even when it’s longer. The diaper can be taken off and put back on if unused (I do this if I take her on a walk and she hasn’t used the diaper yet…obviously make sure it’s still clean before reusing). Her waist is about 16″ (give or take some fur) and she can wear both the Small and Medium size.Small: less bulky, easier to walk in, holds less liquid (good for spotting or small accidents)Medium: bulkier, makes her waddle a little bit, holds more liquid (better for night time when she may go more than once)The diapers do not leak through but there have been a couple times with the Small size where she has saturated the diaper. At that point the fur on her belly and legs gets wet and if she’s laying on the floor that can get a little wet too. This would only be a potential issue for fully incontinent dogs and not those with occasional leaks, but it does necessitate a bath so make sure you are changing the diaper frequently to avoid this situation.A couple months after starting the diapers she got a bladder infection that required antibiotics. After that I put her on the Berry Balance supplement for urinary health and I haven’t had any issues since.This may be TMI, but if you are wondering what happens if the dog poops…it usually falls out the tail hole onto the ground but is sometimes kept inside the diaper, in which case it usually requires a bath, especially if she sits on it. My dog is 100% incontinent but still seems to understand pooping while wearing her diaper is not the best option so it doesn’t happen too frequently.

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